Fire fighters

Big Arena fire
Fighting the fire at the Back Bay railroad station
Four alarm fire on South Street, at night
Three alarm fire on Thayer Street, South End, near Fire headquarters
Boston elevated power station fire. Photo - Albany St.
General alarm fire - Odd Fellows Hall - Corner Berkeley and Tremont
Six alarm fire at the Odd Fellows Building - Corner of Warren Ave., Tremont and Berkeley, 4:20am
Six alarm fire at Odd Fellows Hall, Warren Ave, Tremont and Berkeley
South End - Albany St.
Three alarm fire on Thayer St. near fire headquarters
South End - Albany St.
South End - Albany St.
Rescuing telephone girl at Brighton Exchange
Fireman Tom Carney stands atop Ladder 9 at Charlestown Fire in zero weather
Four alarm fire Medford Street, Charlestown
Four alarm fire at Medford St. in Charlestown
Boston and Maine fire - Prison Point, Charlestown
Six alarm fire - Prison Point
Six alarm fire - Prison Point
Six alarm fire - Prison Point
Six alarm fire, Prison Point
Fire boat fights five alarm Charlestown fire
Firemen fight Fisk Tire Co. warehouse fire at 42-44 Miller St., Charlestown
Fire in zero weather, Charlestown


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