Fishing boats

Men fishing - boat filled with fish
Italian fishing fleet tied up at old T-wharf because of severe storm.
Fishing trawler 'St. Teresa' coming into port.
Fishing schooner 'Snipe'
Italian fishing fleet.
Fishing boats at T-wharf. Tug 'Wave'.
Italian fishermen baiting hooks. T-wharf.
Old T-wharf: Italian fishermen baiting hooks.
Fishing schooner 'Catherine'.
Fishing schooner 'Snipe'.
Italian fishing fleet.
Pumping out a ship so she won't sink. At T-wharf
Italian fishermen tied up at Old T-wharf on account of storm.
Fishing schooner heading for the banks. 'Columbia' Gloucester.
Mackerel time - Gloucester. 'Julia' and 'Margaret D.'
T-wharf area.
South Boston fish pier in winter.
South Boston fish pier.
Italian fishermen in for Easter. Custom House
Italian fishermen T-wharf - Small Boats
Barrels of fish head at fish pier.
Waterfront - Push-pull carts
Italian fishermen in old T-wharf to celebrate 'Masquerade Day.'
Trawlers at South Boston fish pier. Winter


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