Fishing boats

South Boston fish pier.
Italian fisherman T-wharf
T-wharf? Italian fishermen
T-wharf Italian fishermen
Famous T-wharf - Atlantic Ave.
Italian fishermen at T-wharf.
Italian fishermen at T-wharf.
Italian fishing fleet at T-wharf on Easter Sunday.
Italian fishermen being chased by seagulls in Boston Harbor.
Fishing boat - South Boston fish pier.
Italian fishing fleet.
Fish pier, South Boston
Fishing schooner at half-mast signifies a man lost at sea, fish pier
T-wharf, Atlantic Ave. oblique view
Preparing boat for mackerel fishing, Gloucester
Mackerel fishing preparation, Gloucester
Italian fishing fleet, T-wharf
Italian fishing fleet at T-wharf
Italian fishermen, T-wharf
Drying nets on old T-wharf
Italian fishermen mending nets at old T-wharf
Fishing schooner 'Mayflower' comes into South Boston fish pier with main boon in splinters


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