Fishing boats

Gulls scrap for pieces of fish, fish pier
Sea gulls at fish pier
Fishing schooner off fish pier
Fishing schooner 'Pioneer' leaving for the banks, cutting herself through thick ice
Steam trawler 'swell' at fish pier
Italian fishing fleet sheltering at T-wharf during storm
Fishing fleet in for Lent at South Boston fish pier
Fishing schooner 'Pioneer' pushing through the ice in Boston Harbor heading for the banks
Fishing schooner at fish pier
Drying sails at fish pier
South Boston fish pier
Fish pier, South Boston
Winter at South Boston fish pier
Fish pier in full bloom, South Boston
Gloucester fishing schooner getting ready to sail for mackerel
Fishing schooner 'Henry Ford' of Gloucester
Busy scene at South Boston fish pier
Fishing schooners tied up at fish pier
Fishing Industry, Boston - Typical Grand Banks fishermen with sails leaving Boston Harbor for the Grand Banks
Boston - Next to T-wharf fishing boats
Fishermen 'T'wharf boats Boston
Fishing schooner
Fishing trawler 'Crest' at fish pier.
Fishing schooner runs aground in dense fog in Boston Harbor


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