Sports spectators

Joseph B. Ely throws out first ball at start of Braves season while judge Fuchs, Bill McKechnie, Frederick Mansfield and J.M. Curley look on.
Honey Fitz with Lord and Lady Aberdeen at World Series Game, Braves field
Lord and Lady Aberdeen with Honey Fitz at World Series game at Braves field to see Boston beat the Phillies
Honey Fitz with Lord and Lady Aberdeen at Braves Field to see Red Sox beat the Phillies
Curley throws out first ball
Gov. Curley throws out first ball
Mayor Curley throws out first ball at Fenway park
J.M. Curley and other dignitaries stand with doffed hats during anthem at ball game
First ball ceremony, Boston vs. Yankees
Detroit Tigers catcher Mickey Cochrane
Dignitaries, including Mayor Mansfield, at Braves Field
Gov. Frank G. Allen throws out the first ball at Fenway Park
Mrs. Babe Ruth and Mrs. Lefty Gomez at Fenway
Players' wives in stands, at Fenway
Judge Fuchs, owner of the Braves, with James Roosevelt at Braves Field
Mrs. Maranville (L) and Mrs. Fuchs
Boston Bees players pose with women and children in stands
Braves player talks to woman in stands, Braves field
Braves player talks with female fan
Group going to the ball game.
Players' wives in the stands
Crowd in front of the Boston Globe building on Washington Street, following the World Series


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