Aeroplane 'Tradewind' before final flight.
Navy planes in Newbort Harbor.
Navy planes in Newbort Harbor.
Military sea planes in flight over water.
Seaplane, Newport, R.I. Shenandoah nearby.
Flying-Boat, a 'pusher' at airfield.
Italian ace comes to Boston at Squantum Francesco De Pinedo
Navy plane off USS Wright.
Navy plane off USS Wright.
Navy planes
Lt. Richard Cobb in front of his amphibious plane - East Boston Airport
Passenger plane Boston to NY in Boston Harbor. 'Air Via'
Naval 'aeroplane' seaplane NA-3 MacMillan with people at nose. Squantum?
Seaplanes, aeroplanes IT3-ITI unidentified Navy - Squantum
Two types of planes one lands on ice, the other on water (in this envelope).
Airship glides along top of water. Marblehead Harbor
Two seaplanes flying over water.
Fire boats spout as world fliers land near East Boston Airport in harbor.
Seaplane aboard Fast U.S. cruisers.
Europa airplane Lufthansa seaplane D-2244, Ju 46 fi. Boston Harbor Army base in background.
Navy planes - Newport Harbor.
Plane at Squantum Naval Station.
Italian Sea plane lands in Boston Harbor - New York passenger plane. Air Via
Plane at Squantum.


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