Amphibious army plane that brought Gen. Brown to and from New York. Lt. Cobb was pilot. East Boston Airport
Plane from Europa (ship) at East Boston Airport
First mail by water plane lands in Boston Harbor, 1928. Radio operator Marcel Mourion of the Ilede France seaplane, which landed here yesterday afternoon, is about to disembark with two of the mail pouches. The craft reached Boston inner harbor 10 hours after leaving the liner. Left liner 300 miles off Nova Scotia. 36 hours saved here on delivery.
U.S. Navy seaplane NA-3, Squantum Naval Air Station, MacMillan Dorcester Bay
The amphibian plane that Lt. Richard Coff used in rushing a pilot to Greenly Island to relieve one stricken. U.S. Army plane AC27-323
Firing a torpedo from a seaplane
Hydroplane on Charles River 'sky'
Navy plane left Squantum to drop mail on SS Leviathan
Squantum Naval Air Station
Squantum Naval Air Station
Plane from SS Europa getting ready to fly to Boston in first ship-to-shore mail delivery plane. Was wrecked off Nantucket
Flying boat at Nantasket, Pemberton, taking passengers for $1.00 a minute
Airvia Transportation Company's Boston-New York plane in the waters of Boston Harbor
Seaplane from SS Ile de France lands mail in Boston Harbor after leaving the liner 300 miles off Nova Scotia and landing 10 hours later, saving 30 hours. Deer Island light in background. LJ note: 'First mails by water'
Wilmer Stultz's amphibious plane at East Boston Airport after flight from Saratoga
Seaplane in water floats nearby
Lt. Cobb's plane flies to give relief to Bremen fliers
Firing a torpedo from a seaplane
Lt. Richard Cobb - Speed king of this part of the country, East Boston Airport
Aeroplane 'Tradewind' before final flight.
Mail plane from S. S. Ile de France under command of Pilot Domergue and Radio Operator Laurent Coilluotte. Boston Harbor
Squantun Naval Air Station - sea plane
Amphibian Plane' - Lt. Cobb went to Greenly Island section in with relief pilot. East Boston Airport
Army 'Float' (Sea) plane warming up at East Boston Airport


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