Police stations

Guns as evidence in Gustin-Walsh murder, Hanover Street
Lady hangs her head, Gustin-Walsh murder, Hanover Street
James 'Skeets' Coyne (Middle) wanted in murder of Charlie 'King' Solomon. Standing with Conye is Capt. Stephen J. Flaherty (L) and Sargent William J McCarthy, at Roxbury Crossing Station
James 'Skeets' Coyne brought back from Michigan City, Indiana, for questioning on 'King' Solomon murder
L-R: Mary McGuinnes, Mary Cushman, Mary Sutton and Max Goldberg, arrested for shop lifting
Police search suspect for weapons at station one
Two men
Man being arrested
Youthful crooks caught by the police. 'Crime doesn't pay'
Superintendent Michael H. Crowley at police headquarters.
Comm. McSweeny and Superintendant King. Police headquarters
Miss Ellen Chase - girlfriend of Solomon murder suspect John T. O'Donnell.
Superintendent Michael H. Crowley
Thousands of police officers report for the sergeant's exam at police headquarters in the South End.
Police Headquarters
Superintendent Crowley in Police Headquarters office.
Superintendent Crowley - Police Headquarters office.
Oliver Garrett, former liquor squad leader, now on reduced duty at Station 3, Joy St.
Mounted police in front of the headquarters in the South End.
Thousands of policemen showed up in the South End to take the Sergeants exam.
Commissioner McSweeny and Superintedent King. Police Headquarters. (Possibly William E. Payne - Gunsmith / George F. Smith - Handwriting Expert.)
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