Superintendent Crowley - Police Headquarters office.

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Superintendent Crowley in Police Headquarters office.
Superintendent Crowley (R) and Commissioner Hultman at the Charlestown Navy Yard
Superintendent Michael Crowley gives his last orders before he died.
Capt. Chapman of the Metropolitan Police with Superintendent Crowley
Police Heads I Have Known During my Newspaper Experience' Manchester; Back Row - Thomas H Larkin, Chief of Nahant, Stewart F. Cooper, Chief of Manchester, Edward S. Walsh, Chief of Brockton, Charles M. Finn, Chief of Chelsea, Ernest H. Bishop, Chief of Quincy. Front Row - Charles A. Kendall, Ex-Chief of Somerville, H. Allen Rutherford, Chief of Brookline, Lt. Col. Raymond C. Allen - Tour Moderator of Manchester, Mass., Inspector Geo. C. Chase of Brockton Police, Superintendent Michael H. Crolwey, Thomas E. Bligh, Capt. of State Police, Walter E. Bligh of Syracuse Herald, Louie B. Heaton, Chief of Melrose
Superintendent Mitchell Crowley with machine gunners at headquarters. They are ready for big May Day riots