Steve Gustin - wanted for beating officer in South Boston - brother of gangster.

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Dodo' Walsh - Gangster in Gustin gang: shot to death in North End, Hanover St. Boston
Lombardi brothers: Pasquale Lombardi - let go after questioning by police.
Anthony Cortese and Henry Selvitelle Boston gangsters charged in Gustin gang murder - Hanover Street. Henry Selvitelli (AKA - Henry Doyes) is the older and faster of the two. Anthony 'Bozo' Cortese was his younger and thinner bodyguard and gun-carrier at the time of the arrest - (JPJ)
Lombardi brothers; Joseph Lombardi - held for murder.
John Dillinger's wanted poster
Burglar and jail trustee Vincent Zamotel who escaped with bad man William Gray by sawing bars and sliding down bedsheets. They were caught in South End.