Crime/Police: Miscellaneous

The man that squaled on Gerald Chapman and sent him to the gallows. His name is 'Shean.'
Peggy McCarthy, 10 year old Somerville girl murdered by Harry Cahill
Dillinger sidekick shot to death by police
John Dillinger killed at last
Where 'King' Solomon was slain by gangsters at the Cotton Club in the South End.
John Dillinger's body, 1935
James Scully, wanted in 'King' Solomon murder
Solomon murder suspects Burke and Frank Karlonas (Straw Hat) in paddy wagon
Yacht stolen by pirates found on Cohasset Beach.
Yacht stolen by pirates found on Cohasset Beach.
Chinatown raid: Dope seized and den discovered.
King' Solomon funeral. Floral arrangement. One of many sent.
Steve Gustin - gangster.
Bossy Gillis, mayor of Newburyport, in Salem jail.
Usher Alexander Moschella inspects safe cracked in Revere theatre. Yegs got away with $50, missing $1500 in inner box
Lynching in California after an innocent store owner's son was cruelly murdered
Lynching in California after murder of store owner's son.
Bossy Gillis, mayor of Newburyport, in Salem jail for being a bad boy
Somerville youths, L-R: John J. Oliver, Walter Sousa and John D. Wall, held for murder of gas station attendant Evangelista L. Bagni
Safe blown at trade school
Jesse Pomeroy escape attempt
Jesse Pomeroy, lifer for over fifty years
Police with three kids arrested for stealing and crashing auto, Fellsway
Wrecked auto stolen by kids, crashed into pole, Fellsway


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