Map of where incidents in Lindbergh baby case took place

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Dr. John F. Condon who gave $50,000 of Lindy's money to the kidnappers to return the baby, but they double crossed. The 72-year-old Fordham W. Lecturer (wearing derby) with newspaper reporters. He is still working alone on the case.
Lindy kidnapping - this is the odd symbol used by the kidnappers where Dr. John F. Condon who recently paid $50,000 ransom for return of the Lindbergh baby. This was left in crib after baby was taken away.
[William] Allen colored truck driver that found Lindbergh baby off side of road 5 miles from Lindy's home
Bruno Hauptmann arrested for Lindbergh baby kidnapping
Bruno R. Hauptmann, suspect in Lindy kidnapping
Lindberg baby incident Bruno R. Hauptmann (suspect)