Veterans of Foreign Wars
Maryland Guard Veteran's Corps in uniform - Boston
G.A.R. vets P.R. Barker and John Houder from Fitzgerald, Georgia, tell war stories to kids on historic Boston Common
G.A.R. vets gathered near State House
Gen. Pershing shakes hands with Civil War vet during visit to Boston
G.A.R. veteran in Cap with gun, 'Let's Remember'
P.R. Barker, GAR vet from Fitzgerald, Georgia, tells kiddies stories that makes their hair stand on end, with him is vet John Houder, also from Fitzgerald. They are on historic Boston Common.
Pres. Coolidge and wife greet a civil war vet in Plymouth, VT
Pres. and Mrs. Coolidge shaking hands with Civil War vet at home in Plymouth, VT
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