Traffic accidents

Truck accident
Wrecked auto in garage
Auto goes out of control and crashes through fence onto B&A Tracks near Greenwich Park, South End
Auto hits lamppost at intersection next to Sowlight Market
Auto hits lamp post at intersection
Auto hits fire hydrant
Auto accident in Topsheld, two killed
Auto accident in Topsheld, two killed
Fishing out auto that went into Charles
Auto wreck, South End
Auto wreck
Kids look at wrecked auto
Wrecked auto
Man next to wrecked aut
Truck wrecked
Auto overturns
Auto overturns
Auto demolished in accident
Auto accident in South End
Taxi accident in Boston
Pulling out the death truck that killed two men as it plunged into the Mystic River at Chelsea Bridge
Hoisting death truck from bed of Mystic River at Chelsea Bridge. The body of the two that met their death is seen at the stern of the Harbor Police row boat.
Truck almost goes off bridge over RR tracks
Truck clings to bridge by one wheel


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