Boston Braves
Boston Bees at Braves field
Red Sox
Joe Cronin greeted as Red Sox player / manager at Fenway Park
Rabbit Maranville of the Braves and Eppa Rixey of the Reds
Bees at batting practice
Indian and Red Sox
Red Sox players in dugout
Jimmie Foxx in the on deck circle at Fenway Park
Boston Bees players pose with women and children in stands
Braves player talks to woman in stands, Braves field
Red Sox dugout.
Lefty Grove of the Sox with the Cardinals Dizzy Dean at Braves Field for All-Star Game.
Team warming up before game at Fenway.
Jimmie Foxx at bat at Fenway Park
Yankees batting against Red Sox, Fenway
Braves vs. Cards.
Boston Bee swinging bat.
Red Sox pitcher at Fenway
Unidentified Braves pitcher at Braves Field
New York Giants (baseball) with Boston Braves, Braves Field.
Lefty Grove at Fenway Park
Athletics at Fenway Park


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