Sailors watch as Charles Ponzi is filmed on board the SS Vulcania on day of deportation
SS Canopic lands in Boston, 4000 immigrants flock to U.S. daily
SS Iberian leaving Boston before being torpedoed by German sub July 31.
Ship in dry dock
ship in drydock
SS Innaren docked in hub.
Boat (Leviathan)
SS Bremen - Germany
SS Bremen - Germany
SS Majestic at S. Boston dry dock.
SS Majestic
SS Majestic and Pilgrim
Movie operator Dick Sears nearly loses his life going for the best vantage point to film the SS Majestic as it sailed into the South Boston drydock. He almost fell off the army base roof a few minutes after the photo was taken.
SS Majestic in drydock.
Workman crawls into propellor shaft of SS Majestic.
SS Majestic
SS Majestic
New prop for SS Majestic.
Crew cleaning hull of the 'Majestic'.
SS Majestic - largest ship afloat. E - No.1
SS Majestic
SS Majestic.
SS Majestic - largest ship afloat. C - No.1


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