Ship captains

Police Boat Skipper Sgt. Curtis of Harbor Police.
Capt. Peter Ness - after twenty years at sea he still loves his ships. Here he is building a model of the clipper 'Soverign of the Seas' originall built by Donald McKay in East Boston. Model took Ness six years to build.
Capt. Peter Ness building model of 'Sovereign of the Seas'
Capt. George Braithwaite of sunken lightship Nantucket
Capt. Eaton of the U.S. light house service
Capt. Eaton of the U.S. lightship service
Commander John Baylis of the USS Paulding. First assignment since his boat rammed and sank the S-4 in 1927. Took active part in the SS Robert E. Lee disaster bringing rescued to Navy Yard.
Capt. Steadman, Hero of the Sea, at Quincy
Capt. Fried of the SS America with Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt
Capt. George Fried and wife going up the State House steps while in Boston
Capt. Fried and wife in Boston
Capt. Fried and wife in Boston
Capt. Fried and wife, hero of the ocean, come to Boston as guest of Gov. and Mayor
Capt. and Mrs. George Fried in Boston
Capt. George Fried - hero of the SS America. With Gov. Frank Allen and Mrs. Fried
Commandant Finlay, Quincy Yacht club, wearing new type of glasses
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