Racing shells

Scullers eying Chinese junk at T-wharf.
Scullers from Charles River stop to look at Chinese Junk at T-wharf
Harvard crew that got beat by Syracuse and Cornell on the Charles: Bow: Holcombe, 2: Hollowell, 3: Erickson, 4: Armstrong, 5: Bancroft, 6: Bacon, 7: Saltonstall, Stroke: Cassidy, Cox: Bissell
Man stands on head on scull, Charles River
Genevieve Peabody, Salem, champion sculler
Miss Genevieve Peabody of Salem
Smith College crew, Northampton
Two of the oldest scullers ever to row a boat out of Boston
Racing on the Charles River, 12 feet knockabouts and 8-oared Harvard varsity sculls
Crew on the Charles glimpsed through the trees
Old-time scullers going through the locks, Charles River
Harvard crew on Charles River
Harvard's first crew
Sports: Crew
Smith College crews on river, Northampton, Mass.
Genevieve Peabody of Salem, champion sculler
Women rowers on the Charles
Woman rowers on the Charles
Miss Tate sculling on the Charles River
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