Public speaking

Wilmer Stultz talking over the radio at the Parkman bandstand, Boston
Lou Gordon: Co-pilot of the Friendship Plane talking over the radio at the Parkman Bandstand.
Commander Byrd at the Parkman Bandstand
Byrd and Curley
Commander Byrd in Boston
Commander Byrd in Boston
Lindbergh and Mayor Nichols at Parkman Bandstand
Lindy and his winning smile.
World Fliers on Boston Common
Superintendent Michael Crowley speaking at dedication
Political ceremony
Unidentified speaker
Man (politician?)
Man speaking from platform
Man speaking from platform
Senator Charles Curtis running for Republican Vice President, Boston Common
British Ambassador Lindsay
Curley speaks from outdoor podium
Mayor Curley speaking from dais in auditorium during the Tercentenary
Pres. Coolidge addresses big crowd at Andover Academy from Phillips Hall
Panorama of crowd at Andover celebration where Pres. Coolidge spoke. A - goes with B.
Ex-Pres. Coolidge speaking in Boston
Pres. Coolidge speaking


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