Motion picture cameras

Movie operator Dick Sears nearly loses his life going for the best vantage point to film the SS Majestic as it sailed into the South Boston drydock. He almost fell off the army base roof a few minutes after the photo was taken.
Prof. Leslie R. Jones with talkie movie machine
Prof. Leslie Jones shines in the movie game as two lovers clinch
Alyce McHenry films boy, they both had their stomach upside down
Alyce Jane McHenry behind camera, filming boy who, along with her, had stomach upside down
Cubs player filming Braves manager McKechnie
Cubs player films Braves manager Bill McKechnie and unidentified man.
Washington Senator filming Joe DiMaggio, All-Star Game at Braves Field.
Frankhouse takes home movie of Wes Farrell on pony, Braves field.
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