Monuments & memorials

Pan American Airways Sikorsky flying boat over Washington Monument (probably not Leslie Jones)
America's largest airplane Washington D.C. 50 passanger Sihoisy amphibon the new flag ship of the Pan American Airway. Christened by Mrs. Hoover
Washington elm blown down, Cambridge
Cambridge, Mass. Washington elm
Cambridge - Puritan statue, wrecked
Cambridge - Harvard Sumner statue defaced
Puritan statue: wrecked at Cambridge common
Cambridge. Famous Sumner's Statue Harvard Sq. defaced.
Harvard Sq. tablet
Harvard Sq. tablet
Provincetown Tower Cape Cod
The Pilgrims Monument - Provincetown, Mass.
Pilgrim's Monument, Provincetown
Provincetown Monument
The Pilgrims Monument - Provincetown, Mass
Pilgrim Monument - Provincetown, Mass
Provincetown, MA. Pilgrim's Monument.
John Buttrick Memorial on the edge of the Buttrick Farm, Concord
Minute Man Statue, Concord
Minute Man Statue, Concord
Fisherman's statue, Gloucester
Fisherman's statue, Gloucester
Gloucester - Statue Joan of Arc
Hingham war memorial dedicated


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