Lt. Commander Byrd examines lifeboat. Two boats are kept on Macmillan airplanes.
Lifeboats from SS Boston.
Life boats from SS Boston.
Life boats from SS Boston.
Crew of the training ship 'Nantucket' drilling in Provincetown Harbor
Lifeboat from training ship 'Nantucket' in Provincetown Harbor
USS Tampa of the Coast Guard ready to go North on ice patrol
SS Leviathan toward USS Tennessee
USS Tennessee from Leviathan.
Lifeboats on SS Leviathan.
Lifeboats of the SS Boston after she was rammed
USS Constitution - Navy Yard.
Lifeboat drill in Provincetown Harbor
Y.D. [Yankee Division] vets sail for France on Carmania Pilgrimage to dedicate chapel at Belleau
Jackie of U.S. Navy climbs up chain instead of going ashore to reach his ship
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