Senator Hiram Bingham inspects Boston forts
Lady Astor in Boston
Congress. Tinkham enjoyed talking with boys at 80 Mason St.
Secretary of the Navy, Charles Francis Adams and Alvan Fuller
Lady Astor in Boston
Cong. Tinkham
Senator Hiram Bingham inspects Boston forts
Congresswoman Rogers at Lowell airport dedication - eating between times
Sen. Borah, left, greatest orator of all time, and Murray Butler of Columbia University
Lady Astor and family
Lady Astor and family
Lady Astor
Lady Astor and family
Gov. Joseph B. Ely before the House of Representatives, State House
Pres. Coolidge enjoys a good story in Plymouth, VT home
Con. Allen T. Treadway / Cal Coolidge / Mrs. Coolidge / Mrs. Treadway - Plymouth, VT
Cong. Treadway presents two rakes to Pres. Coolidge
Sen. Lodge congratulates Gov. Coolidge on his V.P. nomination. Murray Crane is on Coolidge's right.
Pres. Coolidge presented with rakes
Gov. Coolidge, Sen. Lodge and others on reviewing stand
Gov. Coolidge given a wonderful reception on nomination as V.P. Sen. Lodge, Murray Crane and others are there to congratulate him
Cong. Allen J. Treadway presents Calvin Coolidge with two rakes, Plymouth, VT
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