Fire engines

Fire engine
Famous old fire engine
Engine 18 - fire horses on the jump.
Engine 18.
Fire engine accident responding to big fire
Fire horses in action
Ladder #3 in action
Iced up fire engine
Engine 18 - Dorchester.
Fire engine 42 - Jamaica Plain - cut in half crashing into elevated structure.
Fire engine at Boston Protective Department Co. No. 3, Jamaica Plain
Iced up fire engine fights fire in zero weather
Fireman Tom Carney stands atop Ladder 9 at Charlestown Fire in zero weather
Four alarm fire: Charlestown
Four alarm fire - Charlestown
Fire in Simpson's dry dock, East Boston
Fire engines hard at work, fighting elevated fire near Roxbury Crossing
Modern fire engine in action at South Boston fire
Ladder truck crushed at fire in Lowell
Fire truck wrecked at general alarm fire in Lowell
Fire truck destroyed at general alarm fire in Lowell
Ladder truck wrecked, fireman killed, at general alarm fire in Lowell
Worcester fire - $2,000,000 loss Sawyer building burning
$2,000,000 Worcester fire: 7 story Knowles building on fire in zero weather


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