Elephants with sign 'Raymond's Where U Bot the [Hat]
Elephant at work in a lumber mill at Rangoon, India; note the chain tied to his leg.
Circus elephants
Elephants in the circus
Elephant & young - circus
Baby elephant arrives on steamer, nurses on bottle.
Baseball and elephants
Elephant and people
Elephants on parade
Circus elephants parade in Boston advertising Raymond's.
Circus elephants parade in Boston advertising 'Raymond's'.
Elephants in parade with sign - Raymon'ds where U Bot the Hat
Kiddies' Elephants on their way to their new home in Franklin Park Zoo. Bought by the children for $6,000.
Elephants bathing salt water Mystic River Everett, MA. while circus was at Sullivan Sq. grounds.
Elephants bathing salt water. First time elephants ever went swimming in salt water in Boston, Charlestown-Everett.
Elephants at Children's Hospital.
Elephants perform at Children's Hospital, Boston, MA.
Molly, Waddy, and Tony perform for the Red Cross and children on Boston Common.
Elephants parade in Boston
Elephants parade in Boston


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