King' Solomon shooting. Top - Exterior of 'Cotton Club' where Solomon was shot. Bottom: Charles Solomon - death certificate (JPJ)
King' Solomon shooting.
Scarface Al
Gamblers rounded up on Boston Common by U.S. soldiers after Boston Police went on strike.
State prison escapee caught.
Al Capone
Scarface Al
Al Capone
Francesco Santorelli, wearing bullet proof vest, accompanied by patrolmen Alfred Pearson and Patrick Conroy (R).
Jailbird Jesse Pomeroy
Jesse Pomeroy, life in jail for 50 years
Left: King Solomon at Coconut Grove, Right: John J. Burke, 1933
Charles Ponzi speaking before the U.S. court on deportation
Charles Ponzi, the 'wizard'
Franke Wallace, South Boston gangster slain in the North End. Exactly as police found him.
Gangster pays the penalty, Gustin killed on Hanover St. in the North End
Mike 'Spike' Hennessey, nailed in the 'King' Solomon shootings and held for $20,000 bail
Steve Gustin, gangster of note from South Boston
Al Capone and attorney Michael Ahern held for evading income tax
A confident Charles Ponzi
Charles Ponzi with gold handled cane and diamond stickpin
Charles Ponzi on his way to court
Charles Ponzi walking up gangplank of SS Vulcania after deportation order


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