Cats with lobster
Cats making love, Boston waterfront
Cat and decoys, Accord, Mass.
Dog and cat, Hanson, Mass.
Cats making love, Boston waterfront
(no title)
Cat in the fish bowl
Cat on contraption
Radio cat (#2 of 2, goes with radio dog)
Kitty poses for the picture, Franklin Park
Kitty taking her Sunday bath at Fish Pier, South Boston
Kitten stuck in mouse trap
Alley cats taking a sun bath
Fierce kitten.
House and furniture made out of newspaper at Pigeon Cove - Rockport, with cat.
Lindy and his cat.
Lindy and cat who couldn't go on trip because they couldn't carry milk
USS Constitution Mascot 'Peggy'
Kids and cats
Cora Chase - opera star
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