Carts & wagons

Horse-drawn cart loses wheel, Washington Street near Adams Sq. LJ: 'Such things that held up traffic'
Horse-drawn coal wagon wrecked, Geneva Ave. Dorchester
Wagon wrecked by runaway horse on Washington St.
Wagon wrecked by runaway horse on Washington St.
Man operates still out of the back of a carriage
Frank Shea (L) of Brooklyn, NY and William Burke of Passaic, NJ at Brockton Fair. They have driving unique traveling wagon 'Checkers' coast to coast 6 times and to Mexico and every province in Canada.
Brockton Fair. Two disabled vets drove travel house 'Checkers' thousands of miles
Hay cart
Hay cart pulled by team of oxen
Pitching hay onto cart
Pitching hay onto hay cart
Oxen pulling hay wagon
South Boston fish pier in winter
Fish pier push-carts with fish parking lot
Waterfront fish pier - boats
South boston fish pier in full bloom.
South Boston fish pier.
Fish pier, South Boston
Fishing schooner at half-mast signifies a man lost at sea, fish pier
Trawlers sheltering at fish pier during North East snowstorm
Fish pier in full bloom, South Boston
South Boston fish pier
South Boston fish pier
Steam trawler 'swell' at fish pier


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