Lighthouse service - Chelsea, Mass. Old lightships come in for repairs and one to be junked
Buoy station at Chelsea, Mass.
This is a US Coast Guard buoy tender
Lighthouse service: buoys in Chelsea yard.
Buoys at Wood's hole, MA.
Buoy station at Chelsea, Mass.
Lighthouse service: Chelsea Yard.
Lighthouse service, Chelsea Yard.
Nun and can buoys, Chelsea Yard
Lighthouse station, Chelsea
Lighthouse station, Chelsea
US Lighthouse service: HJ Powers - 2nd officer, JH Dobbins - quartermaster. Repairing huge whistling buoy.
Buoys - woods hole
Buoys, Chelsea Mass
Lighthouse service - buoys
Lightship service : Chelsea. Three 1934 type 4 bell chime buoys in front of lightship 'Breton'.
Lightship service: Chelsea, lightship 'Brenton' behind type 4 bell chime buoys.
Woods Hole Buoys - Light house service
U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender
U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender
U.S. lightship service yard, Chelsea
Buoys at Wood's Hole
Light house service buoys, Chelsea
Coast guard buoy station at Chelsea


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