East Boston. National Guard in the air ground is Curtis.
L-R: Robert Baker of Lafayette Escadrille and Lt. Crocker Snow of Lafayette Escadrille at East Boston airport.
Plane and crowd
Aeroplane going over the handles at Southern Mass
East Boston Airport Planes in winter, the plane in the air is National Guard plane. The one on ground with shi[?] belong to Curtis
Lt. Crocker Snow's plane East Boston
East Boston - U.S. Army bi-plane takes off
East Boston - Plane 1969 takes off.
Wellesley High students watch some of their number go up in plane at East Boston Airport.
School children from Wellesley High School watching some of their number go up in a plane at East Boston Airport.
Largest plane of this type to land at East Boston Airport, the Martin Bomber
Curtis' plane with skis at East Boston Airport
Army plane warming up at the East Boston Airport
Ames-skyways plane. Crocker Snow, et al, location (?)
Aeroplane over beach 'flying boat' Revere Beach(?)
Mail plane lands at East Boston Airport 1928
East Boston bi-plane
French plane '?' (insignia) East Boston Airport - Bird: logo
East Boston - bi-plane
Washington DC - Assistant Secretary of War Turbee Davison and Major Gen James E. Fechet, Chief of Air Corps, flying from Washington DC to Panama Canal zone.
DeHavilland DHA
Massachusetts air show water scene
Plane on skis - Charles River
Plane on skis Charles River


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