Baseball umpires

Washington Senators debate with ump, Fenway
Jimmie Foxx with umpire at Fenway
Catcher Jimmy Foxx of the Red Sox points to the outfield as DiMaggio of the Yankees and the umpire looks on
Jimmie Foxx at bat at Fenway Park
Red Sox Player greeted by teammate as he crosses the plate
Ray Johnson, Red Sox, collides with Bill Dickey, Yankees. Dickey was knocked unconscious and dropped the ball, Johnson was safe. Throw was from Babe Ruth.
Red Sox player comes home during game against the Yankees at Fenway
Otto Miller tagging out Johnny Hodapp of Cleveland who attempted to steal
Lyn Lary of the Yankees tagged out by Benny Tate of the Red Sox on throw from first baseman Dale Alexander
Play at plate, Cardinal sliding home.
Cleveland Indians runner sliding home vs. Red Sox
Detroit player slides home at Fenway
Yankee Runner safe at home versus Red Sox
New York Giants runner in close play at third against the Braves
Red Sox player juggles ball as Senators runner slides home
View from stands of play at third base, Detroit player beating tag at Fenway
Play at the plate in Red Sox 2-0 victory over Detroit
Randy Moore of the Braves is safe at home
Detroit Tiger out at the plate in Red Sox 2-0 victory at Fenway
Red Sox in action.
Pittsburgh Pirates Gus Suhr scores against the Boston Braves.
Babe Ruth
Red Sox action.
Braves Field: Arguing with ump


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