Baseball bats

Movie star Joe E. Brown with big bat
Red Sox dugout
Reynolds on Red Sox
Red Sox dugout
Red Sox / Athletics: Red Sox Roy Johnson with brother Bob Johnson of the Athletics
Wally Berger of the Braves
Wes Sculmerich, home run expert for Braves
Red and Bee at Braves field
Boston Braves
Red Sox
Boston Braves.
Red Sox second baseman Bobby Doerr and Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller
Red Sox
Red Sox
Bees player swings the bat
Boston Bee with pile of bats
Gus Suhr of the Pirates with Wally Berger and Cincinnati player, All-Star Game at Braves Field.
New York Giants (baseball) with Boston Braves, Braves Field.
Red Sox
Red Sox trainer Bits Bierhalter, left, and his assistants, Moe Gottlieb, center, and John Orlando
Babe Ruth hands on bat
St. Louis Cardinals
Choosing a bat.


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