Baby animals

Mother pig and sucklings at Mass Agricultural College.
Mother pig & little ones nursing at Mass. Agricultural College - Amherst.
Sheep and young, Amherst, MA
Hen with chicks
Poodles & chicks
Poddle looking after her chicks in Springfield, MA.
Kitten stuck in mouse trap
Swans: mother & young.
Larry' and her pups. Wire fox terrier owned by Danny Shea.
Dinner time for Chesapeake Bay puppies.
Dogland dinner - spotted English setter, mother and young
Fierce kitten.
Terns - Chatham, MA
Mother swan and young
Mother swan and young
Tern at Tern Island - Chatham, Mass.
Terns being hatched on Tern Island in Chatham.
Young tern - Chatham, MA
Baby pheasant, 3 months old - Brockton Fair.
Ostrich & young - Miss Alice doll shown with new hatched egg - Los Angeles


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