Sports: Boxing

A smiling Jack Sharkey, 1931
Ernie Schaaf in Jack Sharkey's corner
Jack Sharkey works the speed bag as Ernie Schaaf looks on
Max Baer at his desk in room at the Hotel Touraine
Max Baer relaxing in room at Hotel Touraine
Max Baer looks thoughtful in his room at the Hotel Touraine
Max and Buddy Baer have their choice of pipes
Max Baer handles a big cat at a Boston theatre but he couldn't handle Braddock
Max Baer in the shower before he took a powder against Braddock
Remarkable open air prize fight in Lawrence
Lou Brouillard, Welterweight champ
Ernie Schaaf helps Jack Sharkey on with his gloves
On the ropes
Ernie Schaaf and Jack Sharkey in sparring pose
Boxing great Jack Dempsey shows his reach
Fighters at Boston Garden
Group portrait
Mr. and Mrs. Genie Tunney - Boston
Jack Dempsey training in Chicago
Jim Jeffries, prize fighter
Bob Fitzsimmons and wife
Bob Fitzsimmons in fighting pose
James J. Corbett, prize fighter
Tex Richards, fight promoter


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