Maritime: Submarines

Sub S-6 at Navy Yard
Mrs. Charles Francis Adams christens the V-5 in Portsmouth, NH Navy Yard during blinding snowstorm.
Sub S-19 aground off Nauset Beach, Orleans.
Six British subs bottled up in Navy Yard because of US Neutrality are given to the Chilean government in exchange for a Man of War which could not be built by England.
Unsuccessful attempt to raise the S-51 sub. Pontoons were later used
Sub S-51 being raised off Point Judith after ramming by SS City of Rome.
Submarine 'Outward Bound' drydocked Boston. (Charlestown Navy Yard)
Sub L-1 breaking surface after trail run.
Sub V-3
US Sub S-51 in drydock after disaster.
Sub S-51 rammed by 'City of Rome' off Point Judith.
US Sub S-19 - Navy Yard.
Sub S-51 in Brooklyn Navy Yard drydock.
Sub S-19. Navy Yard.
Sub S-19. Navy Yard.
Crowd visits Sub S-6 in Navy Yard.
US Sub V-2
US Sub V-2
Launching sub V-5 at Portsmouth, NH Navy Yard
Sub S-19 in Navy Yard.
Sub S-19 in Navy Yard.
US sub 'Narwhal'
Sub V-3 docked next to sailing ship in Navy Yard.
Sub S-44 in Navy Yard.


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