Leslie Jones Related

Leslie Jones and 'Smut' showing some tricks, New London, N.H.
My room when I lived at 66 Pearl Street, Cambridge
Prof. Leslie Jones in Marblehead covering international yacht races
Herbert Stier of the Boston Post stands on tomb stone to make a funeral picture
Battery of photographers who followed the presidential party from Plymouth to mount prospect in Lancaster, N.H.
Herby Stier, left, and Ernest MacLean show their dislike for the worry the new flash gun equipment is giving all concerned
Lill and Tootsie 'silhouette'
Lillian and home, 80 Dakota St., Dorchester
Parrot photographer and Graflex
My detective outfit when I lived at 66 Pearl St., Cambridge
Herald building, Avery and Tremont Streets
Leslie Jones at East Boston 'gardens' near airport
Prof. Leslie R. Jones with talkie movie machine
Lill and new Dodge car, Norumbega Park
News photographers - with Graflex cameras on boat rail, Boston
L to R: Kendall Harriman/Herbert Stier. Herald-Traveler staff
Lill, Tootsie, and Les, New London, N.H.
New London N.H. vacation
Tootsie, Lill
Tootsie, Lill
Lill in New London
Lill on vacation in New London
R-R: Lill, Tootsie, and Smut, New London, N.H.
Prof. Leslie Jones


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