United States. Coast Guard

$175,000 worth of liquor seized in Dorchester Bay by Base 5 Coast Guard men. Taken to custom appraisers' stores
Rum Chasers: USCG Beale #9, USCG Cunningham #2
Rum Chasers: USCG Beale #9, USCG Cunningham #2
Rum Runner brought to the appraiser's stores.
Rum Chasers - East Boston
Coast Guard Rum Chasers in Navy Yard.
USCG Rum Chasers #24 'Burrows' and #10 'Wainwright' at Navy Yard.
New London Coast Guard base where the 'Black Duck' and other Rum Runners were brought.
Rum Runner 'Black Duck' escorted by Coast Guard boats to Newport, RI harbor after CG-290 fired shots killing 3 or 4 of crew
Jap flagship 'Asama', Boston Harbor
Jap flagship 'Asama', Boston Harbor
Rum chasers at the Coast Guard station in East Boston
Ship. 'C.G. 21'. USCG DD#21
USCG destroyer 21 on Marine railway
Stern of US coast guard destroyer #21
USS Tampa off Gloucester
USS Tampa - Coast Guard Cutter.
USS Tampa - Coast Guard Cutter.
New propeller going on USS Tampa.
Coast guard patrol boat 'Tampa' in Navy Yard drydock.
Coast guard destroyer USS Tucker in Navy Yard drydock.
Uncle Sam's coast guard cutters in Boston Navy Yard.
USS Fanning on Marine Railway
CG #12 USS Henley on Navy Yard Marine Railway. Had bad fire in boiler room this morning.


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