Ice clad Rum Chaser 'Dallas'. Fought off gale for 70 hours.
Rum Chaser 'Dallas' covered with ice.
US Rum Chaser 'Dallas'
US Rum Chaser 'Dexter' covered with ice
US Rum Chaser 'Dallas' coated with ice after fighting gale off Yarmouth Nova Scotia.
Iced up fire engine
Tug 'Roger Williams'
SS Innaren docked in hub.
SS Yarmouth - ice clad.
Plant Linder Derry covered with ice after trip from Halifax to Boston.
SS Arabic' making her last trip from Boston Harbor. She was later taken to NY service being torpedoed by German submarine. Tugboat 'Augustus.'
SS Prince George clad in ice
Clyde Line's SS Carib loaded to the brim with ice
The Clyde Line's SS Carib covered in ice in 10 degree below zero weather
Ice clad SS Carib in 10 degree below zero weather
Ice covered tug, Boston
Steamers iced in on the Hudson River
SS Roma arrives in Boston after fighting winter gales along the coast. Sailor boys arrive at the Navy Yard and are allowed a few days leave.
SS Bear iced up.
SS 'Aw Perry' pilot house covered in ice.
U.S. Coast Guard cutter 'General Green' clad in ice
Sinking boat
Crew of Viking waiting to be rescued off Newfoundland.
Tug Joseph W. Ross and schooner in ice at fish pier.


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