Capt. Carranza at Lowell Airport.

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Capt. Carranza meets Mrs. Rogers at Lowell Airport
L to R: Maj. John N. Reynolds, control officer. Mrs. Edith Rogers Congresswoman. Capt. Emilio Carranza Mexico's good will flier
Mexico's 'Lindy' - Captain Carranza and Mrs. Rogers at Lowell Airport
Lowell Airport, L-R Major John N. Reynolds, Control Officer, Mrs. Edith Nourse Rogers, Congresswoman, and Capt. Emilio Carranza, good will flier from Mexico.
Captain Carranza, Mexico's 'Linday' at Lowell Airport
Mrs. Edith Nourse Rogers (congresswomen) and Capt. Emila Carranza good will flier from Mexico at Lowell Airport