Warplane over crowd, South Boston

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WWI dog fight
WWI dog fight, German pilot bails out of burning plane.
First mail by water plane lands in Boston Harbor, 1928. Radio operator Marcel Mourion of the Ilede France seaplane, which landed here yesterday afternoon, is about to disembark with two of the mail pouches. The craft reached Boston inner harbor 10 hours after leaving the liner. Left liner 300 miles off Nova Scotia. 36 hours saved here on delivery.
Ford's trimotor that went to Greenly Island to assist German fliers, the 'Bremen' crew. This is the last plane that Hero Floyd Bennett piloted before he died. This plane also brought the German & Irish fliers from the north to this country with Balchen at the wheel.
Just landing at East Boston Airport
Miss Helen Hicks, 18-year-old golf star, and Elinor Smith, 17-year-old aviatrix, at Fairchild Field, Farmingdale, NY